I adopted my first rescue pet, a sweet grey kitty I named “Gezander,” from a shelter in Chicago back in the early 1990’s.  I understood the importance of giving a deserving pet a good home especially if it came from a kill shelter.  Since that time, I have adopted 4 more cats and 4 dogs throughout the years from area shelters.  My husband and I currently have 3 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats we lovingly refer to as “our zoo.”

I truly believe that rescue pets are beyond grateful when humans give them forever homes and show this gratitude by offering their unconditional love, trust and loyalty to us.  Pet rescue is near and dear to my heart and I wish I could adopt each and every homeless pet. But since I can’t, the next best thing I can do is donate my time, photography and graphic design skills to area shelters and rescues to help boost adoption rates.

I am currently one of the animal photographers for Humane Society Naples (one of the nicest shelters I’ve ever seen and staffed with the friendliest people you’ll ever meet) and it is truly rewarding to help their worthy cause since they rely strictly on donations to run their facility.

Paws & Prints Pet Photography, LLC, is also a proud Artist Member of Hearts Speak, a global network of photographers, writers, graphic designers, sculptors, painters, illustrators and animal advocates who provide time and professional services, pro bono, to animal welfare organizations in their respective communities.

If you have a 501(c)(3) shelter or rescue and would like more information about getting pro bono photography services, please contact me and let me know what I may do to help your cause.

Let’s all help these wonderful animals find their forever homes!